12 Must-Have Shoes for Animal Lovers

We know the morning routine. You open the door to your closet and your clothes and shoes are just boring. It’s hard to put a great outfit together when you’re uninspired. Well, we’ve got the solution for you – animal-inspired shoes. Fall fashion has definitely taken a cue from the animal kingdom and we’ve compiled our recommendations for animal-themed shoes from 2012 to help spruce your wardrobe.

While styles range from classic and chic to bold and adventurous, we've found the absolutely perfect pick for animal lovers everywhere. Now, next time you walk into your closet and think to yourself, “My closet just won’t be complete until I have a pair of stiletto’s with Pandas on them,” you’ll know where to find them.

12 Must-Have Shoes For Animal Lovers

Ally Cat Flat
Up Your Ally Cat Flat

If you're the type of girl who can appreciate a little feline flare, then these flats may be right up your ally. Not sacrificing comfort for fashion, these bright little shoes are sure to create conversation.

Up Your Ally Cat Flat $47.99

Satin Fish Print Pump
Bruno Frisoni Satin Fish Print Shoe

Sensible meets fun in these sleek black satin pumps. The design is modest enough to keep professional presentation intact while allowing your animal-loving personality a moment to shine.

Bruno Frisoni Satin Fish Print Shoe $249

Flamingo Heels
Kobi Levi's Flamingo

These shoes were designed to turn heads! Kobi Levi has taken our favorite pink-feathered friend and fashion to a new level. Yes, they're expensive, but look no further if you seek functional art to satisfy to animal lover inside. Levi's other designs range from sharks and orcas to ostriches and swans. 

Kobi Levi's Flamingo $1,960

Kitty Cat Loafers
Kitty Cat Loafers

If you ever feel guilty when leaving your cat at home then these comfy loafers might be for you. The feline design stares up at you in that same familiar "don't leave me" stare your cat is probably an expert at procuring. 

Kitty Cat Loafer $52

Cowgirl Rain Boots
Horse Print Rubber Cowgirl Rain Boots

The days of boring rain boots are over! These horse-centric boots don't just protect from water; they make make a pretty bold cowgirl statement as well. 

Horse Print Rubber Cowgirl Rain Boots $49.99

Leopard Tail Sneakers
Leopard Tail Sneakers

Adidas knows fashion isn't just for women and we know there is nothing more attractive than a guy who likes cats. From the front, these sneakers don't read too out of the ordinary, but the tail on the backside is sure to draw a glance or two. 

Adidas ObyO x Jeremy Scott Leopard Tail Sneakers $105.99

Mouse Ballet Flats
Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballet Flats

The saying "quiet as a mouse" takes on a whole new meaning with these mouse-themed ballet flats. Also available in black leather, these flats are perfect for conservative and bold fashion-lovers alike. 

Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballet Flats $250

Panda Platforms
Panda Platforms

Who doesn't love pandas? If you're looking for a way to extend your fashion footprint while showing a little love for those adorable pandas then you may be in luck with these panda platforms.

Panda Platforms $629

Chooka 'Peacock Peace' Rain Boot
Chooka "Peacock Peace" Rain Boot

There's nothing better than adding an extra splash of color to your outfit on a rainy day. The peacock-designed rain boot is a must have addition for the avian enthusiasts' wardrobe.

Chooka "Peacock Peace" Rain Boot $45

Birki's Camden Pig Felt
Birki's Camden Pig Felt Clogs

Birkenstock has found a way to show some love to our favorite animal companions (livestock, too) in the form of a comfy clog. While these may not scream fashion-forward, they certainly have some personality. Other designs include cat, dog, sheep and cow. 

Birki's Camden Pig Felt Clogs $69.96

Purrcilla Pumps
Purrcilla Pumps

Cute and classy, meet feline fancy. There's no hiding your kitty cat adoration in these pumps, that is, if you're adventurous enough to wear them out.

Purrcilla $629

Jeffrey Campbell Dog Tapestry Lita Boot
Dog Tapestry Lita Boot

Like the doggy faces all over them, these boots are just too cute. The subtle canine tapestry design screams, "I love dogs!" while maintaining fashion sensibility. 

Dog Tapestry Lita Boot $160

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