12 Questions Owners Ask About New Kittens

7. Why does she bite me so much? She’s learning how to stalk prey, that’s why. Oh, and because it’s fun, of course!

Don’t like it? Try to focus her attention on toys, rather than your hands, when you play with her. Or, get another kitten. That way, they’ll practice all that stalking on each other, and leave you out of it (most of the time, anyway).

8. When does she get her shots? Once you and your veterinarian discuss your kitten’s disease exposure risks, she’ll recommend the right vaccines and timing for your little one.

9. Why does she knead me? It’s reminiscent of suckling and as such, it’s soothing.

10. How do I keep her from scratching up everything? Start early! Get a scratching post or scratching toy and get cracking.

11. Does she need a bath? Technically… no. Most cats don’t need to be bathed. However, there are some exceptions: 1) Some cats with skin diseases may require medicated shampooing; 2) Humans with allergies to cats often find that bathing cats helps control the allergenic dander significantly; 3) Some cats may stop grooming as they get older, if they are arthritic or if they are overweight, so they might need some help keeping clean.

12. When should I spay/neuter? In the interest of population control, many shelters spay and neuter kittens as early as 2 months of age. Most veterinarians in private practice, however, still recommend spaying and neutering around the 6 month mark, before a kitten reaches full-blown sexual maturity. Together, you and your veterinarian can determine the best time to schedule surgery for your kitten.

Any more questions? Chances are, your veterinarian has all the answers.

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