13-Year-Old Dog Cries With Happiness as Her Soldier Returns Home

Sweet Buddy was overjoyed to have her soldier owner finally come home from basic training. But at 13, she had a quieter way of showing it than some of those younger pups who race around and jump all over their loved ones.

Pvt. Hannah Foraker told Cleveland’s Fox 8 that before leaving for Fort Sill in Oklahoma for three months, she’d never been away from home — or from Buddy, her Golden Retriever she's had since she was a puppy.

Forakerrecently posted a YouTube video of the heart-melting reunion they had when she came home for Christmas.

“Buddy came running, as best as she could, out of the house and said hello to everyone. At first, she didn’t even realize I was there, but she did a double take and came bounding over to me, whining nonstop in pure glee,” Foraker wrote.

In the video, the loving senior dog — who is nearly deaf and suffers from arthritis — cries and paws at her owner, while laying her head in her lap.

“Oh, you’re so happy; you’re so happy,” Foraker says in the video as she gets kisses from Buddy. “I missed you so much.”

Foraker just learned she won’t be home again until next Christmas, but she’s hoping Buddy will get to greet her again.

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