14 Things That Cat Owners Know to Be True

8. If you travel with a cat, you're gonna want to let her explore (and learn to love) her carrier before you leave. Cats might love getting in boxes, but that doesn't mean they're going to cooperate immediately when introduced to a new one!

Cat in Carrier

9. Toes on top of a blanket are safe. Toes underneath a blanket are prey.

Cat With Person's Feet

10. Dogs might think cats like them, but that’s only because that's what the cat wants them to think.

Cat and Dog Cuddling

11. Kitten is clearly just another word for “ninja.”

Ninja Cat

12. No space is too small to squeeze inside.

Cat in Box

13. The cat’s never in your spot. You’re in the cat’s spot.

Cat in Chair

14. A cat’s life is wonderful. Really, really wonderful. But also totally exhausting.

Cat Yawning

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