14 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

August 26 is National Dog Day, and you know we love to celebrate our four-legged friends around here. To help you get in on the party, we rounded up a few creative ideas and asked our veterinary experts to share some of their favorite ways to celebrate the human-dog bond, whether it's on this special day or any day of the year.

How to Celebrate National Dog Day

vet checking dog


Schedule His Yearly Checkup (Especially If He’s Overdue)

Our veterinarian, Dr. Karen Todd-Jenkins, says it's a great idea to set up your dog’s annual exam appointment today. This is one of the best things you can do for your pup's health and well-being.

dog in box being adopted


Adopt a Dog From a Local Shelter

Want to add a furry friend to your family? Head to your local shelter, and see what they have to offer. What better way to celebrate National Dog Day than by giving a new home to a dog in need?

dog on human's shoulders


Volunteer at a Local Shelter

Don’t want to or can’t adopt another dog? No problem. Share your time at a local shelter volunteering, suggests Dr. Todd-Jenkins. 

pumpkin dog biscuits wrapped in ribbon

Photo by Jenn Andrlik

Make (or Buy) Him His Favorite Treats

If you’re a baker extraordinaire, or you just want to show your pooch you care, bake or pick up your pet’s favorite treats. Click here for some dog-friendly ideas to try if you want to fire up the oven. Don't worry, there's no chocolate in these or any others on our site!

donation box


Make a Donation

Celebrate all of the dogs in your area, not just your own, by donating items to your local animal welfare organization. They are always in need of blankets, toys and food.

Dog obedience class


Take a Class With Him

Veterinarian Dr. Mary Fuller suggests spending quality time with your pup by taking a class with him. You could earn an AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate, or look into flyball or agility class, if you have a more active dog.

training a dog with treats


Teach Him Something New

If your dog has a good temperament and enjoys being around people, Dr. Fuller suggests looking into training him to be a service dog. Teaching your dog a new trick is also a fun way to celebrate — and it’s something you can do together, says Dr. Todd-Jenkins. Plus, he’ll get extra treats and attention, which is a bonus.

shopping with dog


Take Him Shopping

Dr. Todd-Jenkins says to head to a dog-friendly store and let him pick out his own gift. Whether it is a new toy, a new bed or a new treat. What human (or animal) doesn’t love a shopping spree?

dog with party hat and decorations


Host a Dog Party

This could be an intimate get-together with a couple of his four-legged friends or a big bash with all the dogs from the dog park. Either way, you can include decorations, hats, gifts and of course a dog-friendly dessert.

two framed sketches of dogs

Photo courtesy of Grandin Road

Give a Gift to Yourself That Honors Your Dog

Purchase something for yourself that celebrates the relationship you have with your dog. It could be a piece of art, a framed photo of your pet or a memento that shows how much you love him. Whatever it is, it will be something you can look at and always remember how close you two are. We especially love these personalized dog breed prints from Grandin Road

dog with towel getting ready for bath


Pamper Your Dog

Schedule a massage or “spaw” day for your dog. Hey, if you’re going to pamper your pet, today is definitely the day to do it.

dog and human cuddling


Spend Extra Cuddle Time With Him

The best gift of all is to spend special time with your pet. Dr. Todd-Jenkins says some extra cuddles will benefit both of you, and show him how much you really care.

taking a photo of a dog


Have a Photo Shoot With Your Furry Friend

Hire a professional photographer or ask a friend to snap photos of you and your four-legged friend. That way, you’ll have the memories of the good times you spent together for years to come.

camping with your dog


Take Him on a Trip

This could be a local trip to his favorite park or beach, or you could take him somewhere new, says Dr. Todd-Jenkins. Introduce him to a new beach, a new park or a new restaurant that allows dogs. Dr. Mary Fuller suggests going a step further and taking him on vacation. If your dog likes the outdoors, you could also take him camping or hiking.

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