15 Cats and Dogs Celebrating Birthdays

It’s hard to believe, but Vetstreet is 3 this month. We’ve come a long way since we launched in August 2011, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to our fantastic readers, we have more than 3 million unique visitors a month and 364,000 Facebook fans. To show our appreciation — and to celebrate three incredible years — we rounded up our favorite fan-submitted photos of cats and dogs who are having a ball on their birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Vetstreet!

Dude the Golden Retriever turns 2


Dude, we are so excited it's Dude the Golden Retriever's second birthday. Sweet shades, man.

Norman the birthday cat


Norman the 6-month-old domestic shorthair is a great party guest — he wore this festive hat for his brother's birthday.

Miss Molli Halo the 5-year-old Bichon Frise


We can't believe Halo the Bichon Frise is 5 years old. She doesn't look a day over 3.

Maggie the Shihpoo celebrates her 2nd birthday


It's Maggie the Shihpoo's party, and she'll wear a furry pink princess hat with glittery stars if she wants to.

Radio Flyer the Jack Russell Terrier turns 5


If it were up to Radio Flyer, a 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, birthdays would be celebrated for a whole week. No, a whole month. Well, that's a really long time in dog years. Maybe two weeks is enough.

Dexter and Dixie the Dachshunds love celebrating birthdays


Dixie the Doxie (pictured on the right) is having a blast at Dexter's 12th birthday party. We heartily approve of the Lisa Frank cat party hats.

Chloe the Golden Retriever turns 7


Good girl, Chloe! This Golden Retriever received the perfect gift for her seventh birthday.

Roscoe and Sinsa celebrate his birthday by the pool


Birthday boy Roscoe, a Bull Terrier (left), went all out for his fifth and had a pool party. His girlfriend, Sinsa (right), had the time of her life.

Laika the Golden Retriever celebrates her birthday


We're so happy to hear that Laika the Labrador Retriever celebrated her 11th birthday and, even better, one year as a cancer survivor.

Dogs celebrate their owner's birthday


Birthdays are the best when you have dogs. Ozz the Pit Bull-Mastiff mix and Honus the Labrador Retriever say, "Happy birthday!" to their owner.

Olive is the Wheaten Terrier is 2 years old


It's OK. Sometimes birthdays can be a real drag. Olive the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier isn't too thrilled to turn 2.

Beau the Shih Tzu hates his party hat


We can't blame Beau the 3-year-old Shih Tzu for not liking this hat, but at least his party wasn't Frozen-themed like all his other canine friends' birthdays. Let it go, Beau.

Kristi the Shipoo is 10 years old


For a long time, Krisi the 10-year-old Shihpoo didn't understand why humans made such a big deal out of birthdays. Now that she is older and wiser, she has learned to embrace her special day and looks forward to it every year.

Simba the Cockapoo smiles for the camera on his birthday


Simba, a 4-year-old Cockapoo, can't hold his birthday smile much longer. Really, he can't. Please, no more photos.

Mikey the Cavalier King Charles is 15 years old


Mikey the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is over the hill. He's 15! We're wishing him many more happy and healthy years ahead.


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