5 Cat Products We Actually Want in Our Home

Your kitty certainly deserves the loungers, drinking dishes and cat trees scattered about your house, but that doesn’t mean your kitchen, laundry room or living room has to become overrun by unattractive pet décor.

We jetted off to the SuperZoo pet product trade show in Las Vegas in search of home products and furniture that we’d be proud to display in any room in our house. Check out the beautiful fountain to match a bright accent color and a smart litterbox storage tool to help keep you organized.

Feline Furniture, Fountains and Food Dishes

Avalon Fountain

Courtesy of PetSafe

PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon Fountain

Doesn’t water just taste better when it's filtered and poured into a beautiful glass? Our feline friends, who may be finicky about drinking, can enjoy a fresh sip of water from PetSafe’s stylish Avalon Fountain. The attractive fountain holds 70 ounces of water and comes with two filters: a charcoal filter to get out any bad tastes, and a foam filter that helps protect the pump. Best of all, you won’t want to hide it in the corner — it was designed with the intent to complement your kitchen and is available in red or white.

PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon Fountain, available in white at PetSafe, Petsmart, Petco and Amazon for $99.95. The red color will be available in September, also priced at $99.95.

Kitty Kitty Pink and Pretty

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

PetPals Kitty Kitty Pink & Pretty Collection

What could possibly go better with a little girl's princess-bedroom décor than a pretty pink and white lounger for her favorite feline friend? This adorable bed is part of a four-piece collection from PetPals, aptly (and adorably) named Kitty Kitty Pink & Pretty.

Retail prices range from approximately $80 for the smallest item (a basic bed that sits flat on the floor) to $150 for the largest in the collection: a full cat tree and bed that stands 47 inches tall. The products, made from recycled paper, will become available just before National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. PetPals is planning to donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization fighting breast cancer.

PetPals Kitty Kitty Pink & Pretty Collection, available at independent retailers this fall for $80–$150.

Petlinks Purrfect Order

Courtesy of Petlinks

Petlinks PurrfectOrder and VaporVault

If all of your litterbox supplies are currently scattered across your laundry room floor, you may want to think about investing in a new duo of products from Petlinks. The PurrfectOrder organizer has separate compartments for litter scoops, liners, deodorizers and cleaning essentials. Its companion tool, the VaporVault, holds litter you need to dispose of in a snap-close lid with an odor-proof seal — and may save you a couple trips to the trash can each day.

Petlinks PurrfectOrder and VaporVault, available at Petco, PetSmart and independent retailers for $17.99 each.

Melia Pet Ceramic Cat Bowls

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Melia Pet Cat Bowls

Melia Pet’s ceramic cat bowls are so bright and colorful, you might feel compelled to eat your own meals out of them. The dishes are hand-painted with cats, water spigots and even fish. In fact, the fish are the newest designs in the cat bowl line and are available in blue, pink and orange.

Melia Pet Cat Bowls are available at independent pet retail stores nationwide, $12.

CatIt Hangouts Hagen


CatIt Hangout and Hideaway

Feline design aficionados will definitely appreciate the modern elements of the two new additions to Hagen's CatIt Design Home Furniture line. These sturdy climbers, called the Hangout and the Hideaway, are made from particle board and woven banana leaf. They stand at 30 inches for the 2-shelf Hangout and 34 inches for the 3-shelf Hideaway.

CatIt Climbers, available online and at independent retailers for $109.99 (Hangout) and $144.99 (Hideaway).


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