5 New Products We Loved at SuperZoo 2013

We’re always on the hunt for something new to give our cats and dogs, so we headed off to the SuperZoo pet product trade show to find fantastic items that just hit the shelves or will soon be in stores.

We discovered a fun automated toy that’s sure to entertain your playful kitty and a gel bed that looks so comfortable we could sleep in it (and just might give it a try by the time the show ends!). Plus, we even found something to save for a rainy day that every pet-loving human will adore.

Favorite Finds From Las Vegas

Kong Braidz

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Kong Braidz Toys

It's no secret that many of us pet owners here at Vetstreet are big fans of Kong products — our pets decided that one. The newest line of Kong toys, called Braidz, hits retail shelves in September, and our dogs can hardly wait. These plush playthings are made from braided fleece and come in elephant, frog, hippo and penguin characters.

Kong Braidz, available at retail stores in September for $8.99.

The Company of Animals Cat Feeder

Courtesy of The Company of Animals

The Company of Animals Slow Feeder

At the Global Pet Expo back in February, we fell in love with the Green Slow Feeder from The Company of Animals. Here in Vegas, we were so happy to discover that there's now a version of the feeder customized for cats! (There's also one for puppies.) This great product slows down speed-eaters who may get sick or bored from consuming their food too quickly.

The Company of Animals Slow Feeder for Cats, available at independent pet retailers in August for $29.99.

San Francisco Umbrella Company Umbrellas


The San Francisco Umbrella Company

The trendy, animal-themed umbrellas from The San Francisco Umbrella Company are sure to brighten up a rainy day! They're sold in more than 200 boutiques across the country and now come in 29 designs — the newest featuring Greyhounds, horses and even cats holding umbrellas.

Umbrellas from The San Francisco Umbrella Company, available online and in boutiques for $39.95.

FroliCat Flik


FroliCat Flik

For cats who love to stalk and pounce, the FroliCat Flik should keep them entertained for quite a while. Turn this toy on, and it spins around a string for your cat to try to catch — until the string hides again!

FroliCat Flik, available at PetSmart and Petco in August for $24.99.

PetLinks Gel Bed

Courtesy of Petlinks

Petlinks Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed

Gel beds are one of the hottest trends in bedding for humans right now — so why wouldn't we afford those same luxuries to our beloved four-legged friends? If we could have taken a nap in this new Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed from Petlinks, we would have. This particular bed, called the Luxury Lounger, comes in medium, large and extra large.

Petlinks Luxury Lounger, available at Petco, PetSmart and independent retailers for $49.99 to $74.99.


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