5 Reasons Having a Dog Is the Ultimate Gift

Dog wearing holiday bow
If you already have a dog in your life, you have the greatest gift of all.

What's at the top of your Christmas list this year? Are you hoping for a hoverboard, or got your eye on a sweet pair of sunglasses? Maybe a nifty item with your favorite dog breed on it?

Those are certainly fun presents to find beneath the tree, but we tend to think that, if you have a dog in your life, you already have the greatest gift of all. Not buying it? Hear us out.

The Best Gifts Bring You Joy

The greatest gifts put a big grin on your face over and over again, and dogs are absolute masters at that. Whether your pup is making you laugh with his goofy antics or snuggling a smile out of you, he's undoubtedly a constant source of joy.

The Best Gifts Are Good for You

While we wouldn't exactly turn up our noses at a bottle of wine or some chocolates, the gifts that mean the most tend to be the ones that actually benefit our bodies and minds, like a thoughtfully chosen book or the fitness tracker we've been lusting over. Your dog is good for your health in a variety of ways: She helps you be more active with daily dog walks, she reduces your stress level and she can even help you make new (human) friends. We'd like to see an activity tracker do allthat.

The Best Gifts Surprise You

Just when you think you've got your pooch all figured out — you know his favorite spot to be scratched and you're well versed on which toys he prefers— he finds a way to astonish you. Maybe he'll shock you with how quickly he picks up on a new command, or perhaps you'll be bowled over by the way he just knows to be extra gentle with a small child you encounter on your walk. Regardless, the one thing that's no surprise to dog owners is the fact that they'realways in for a surprise.

Dog under covers
All those times you catch your pup staring at you are a reminder of how much he loves you.

The Best Gifts Make You Feel Loved

There's nothing else in the world quite like a dog letting you know that she loves you wholly and completely. Those days when you feel frustrated and misunderstood by everyone else in the world? She's right there with a lean, a lick and a gaze that seems to see deep into your soul. She's not worried about whether you screwed up at work or were a jerk to your sister — she loves you just as much today as she did yesterday. Although, of course, she probably wouldn't say no to a meaty treat in return for all that adoration.

The Best Gifts Are Coveted by Your Friends

So, maybe making others wildly jealous isn' exactly in keeping with the spirit of the holidays, but let's be honest—it feels pretty darn good when other people recognize just how amazing your dog is. And, it feels even better when witnessing the bond you have with your pup convinces one of your human friends to adopt a furry pal of his or her own!

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