5 Reasons Shelter Dogs Are the Best Dogs

Buddy the Rescue Beagle
Buddy the senior Beagle beat heartworm and other health issues, and now lives the good life in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

4. Every new friend your new friend makes is a chance to advocate.

Whether you're taking your rescue dog into the office for the first time or introducing her to a longtime neighbor in your apartment building, everyone will want to know your dog's story. It's an instant opportunity to sing the praises of pet adoption and advocate on behalf of all shelter animals. And it feels great to be able to tell the story of how you saved a life — or even a few lives. By adopting a dog from the shelter, not only do you give your dog a permanent home, you create a space at the shelter for another dog who gets his chance at a forever home, too. And that's a thought that will brighten everyone's day.

5. Somehow, shelter dogs always know they've been given a second chance.

Can we scientifically prove that dogs rescued from shelters know they've been given something special? Of course not. But we'll be darned if the owner of every rescue dog doesn't tell you that somehow, some way, their dogs just know.

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