5-Week-Old Kitten Rescued From Manhole

After three long days, a 5-week-old kitten was saved from a manhole on a busy street in Phoenix. The Arizona Humane Society first got a call about meows coming from the street on Friday, but when they arrived on the scene, they couldn’t hear or see anything. Technician Kelley Mallon went back on Saturday and when she lay on the ground, she was able to hear the kitten’s cries — but she couldn’t figure out how to get to her. Finally, on Sunday, Mallon discovered she could reach the cat through a manhole in the middle of the street. City workers opened the manhole and Mallon used a long pole with a net baited with food to get ahold of the kitten and bring her to safety. Tera was found to be in good health, and Mallon is fostering her until she’s ready to go up for adoption. — Read it at Today


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