5 Year-Old Dog With Terminal Cancer Adopted in Time for Christmas

A 5-year-old dog who’s had a very hard life will spend what’s likely his last Christmas in a loving home. The Terrier mix known as Wiffle Ball arrived at the Richmond Animal League in Virginia with a severe case of heartworms and later came down with pneumonia. Once he was treated for those things, the shelter learned Wiffle Ball was also suffering from terminal lymphoma. The staff decided they just wanted to make the end of Wiffle’s life happy — and now that’s going to happen with a new family. Over the weekend, the shelter shared a photo of Wiffle headed home with a couple and their other dog. We hear Wiffle loves french fries and pup cups, and it looks like he’ll get all the treats — and love — he deserves after a tough year. — Read it at People Pets


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