50 Cent Explains Why He Named His Dog Oprah

50 Cent and Oprah

50 Cent didn't exactly call Oprah Winfrey a dog when he named his Schnauzer after her, but he definitely implied it. In a clip from the upcoming episode of Oprah's Next Chapter, the former talk show host confronts rapper 50 Cent about why he named his dog Oprah Winfree. He confesses that at the time, it wasn't a compliment. The two were locked in a very public battle over the use of the n-word in music, with 50 Cent defending it and Oprah decrying it.

But it seems time has healed those wounds. As far as we can tell, the beef between the two is no more. Plus, 50 Cent now has a cat, Gayle, named for Oprah's best friend.

The rapper isn't the first celebrity to name pets after other pop culture icons. Actress Jennifer Garner has a Labrador named Martha Stewart, and Rihanna called her dog Marley after Bob Marley. Reese Witherspoon owns English and French Bulldogs named Frank Sinatra and Coco Chanel. We think Frank Sinatra must be a pretty popular inspiration for pet names, because rapper Snoop Dogg has a Siamese cat named after the "My Way" crooner, as well as a feline named Miles Davis. And Oprah has another canine fan in a Pug belonging to Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, who also named her dog Oprah.

You can catch up with 50 Cent's pup on Twitter at @OprahTheDog. The full Oprah's Next Chapter episode with 50 Cent airs this Sunday at 9/8c on OWN.


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