6 Best Animal Commercials From Super Bowl 2014

Chevrolet: "Romance"

Man, were we sweating when this cowboy drove his newly purchased bull to a barbeque joint. Fortunately, this Chevy commercial wound up with a happy ending... and we know this "eligible bachelor" believes in miracles.

Bud Light: "Ian Up for Whatever"

Don Cheadle and a llama named Lilly in an elevator. Not much more we can say about this great Bud Light ad. Skip to 1:20 for their appearance.

Doritos: "Cowboy Kid"

The moral of this story? Help your mom with the groceries. (Or else you won't get the Doritos.) We love that the massive Mastiff in this Crash the Super Bowl commercial helps save the day and captures the "bad guy."

Did we miss your favorite animal ad of the night? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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