6 Signs Your Home Is Ruled by Cats

Uncomfortable Sleeping Arrangements

In cat-ruled homes, nobody but the cat ever really sleeps where and how they want to. When you walk into your bedroom at nighty-night time and see a cat on your pillow, what do you do? Squeeze in somewhere else, of course! Cats are known to sleep on their humans' stomachs, stretched across the bed, on their owners' heads and more. And, in a cat-owned home, the humans just accept those arrangements.

Photo credit: Caroline Golon
A cat's house is his castle, after all.

Sleeping Schedules That Aren’t Your Own

Speaking of sleeping, or rather not sleeping, homes run by cats are households that rise early. If it’s not a furry face staring at you, willing you to wake up, it’s the incessant meowing, the blinds rattling, items falling off shelves or other disturbing noises the cat purposefully makes. No one sleeps through breakfast when cats are in charge.

Shredded Cat Trees

The concept of tastefully designed cat trees that subtly blend with your home’s décor is fun to fantasize about, isn’t it? But alas, for owners like you, such thoughts are but a dream.

The 10-year-old, shag-carpet-covered, shredded cat tree is the one the felines want, so it's what a cat-managed home has. And cat owners know this truth: Get rid of the favorite cat tree and put your furniture, rugs, windowsills and perhaps even your own body in peril.

Compromises, coddling and work-arounds are all part of living in a household ruled by cats. But all the effort makes the rewards of soft cuddles, hilarious antics and adorable mews that much sweeter, doesn’t it?

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