7 Children's Books for Animal-Loving Kids

Today is National Kids and Pets Day, which is a nice opportunity to celebrate the magical bond children share with animals. You can help nurture your child’s love for animals by letting him interact with pets, visit a children's zoo, or by reading him an animal-filled bedtime story.

From a story about a shark and minnow whose friendship is tested to an adorable book about a group of incredibly cute baby sloths who are “Jedi masters of the hug,” we rounded up some of our favorite new kids' books. We know that all of them will encourage your young reader to be a lifelong animal lover.

A Little Book of Sloth

Best for: Aspiring Animal Conservationists

A Little Book of Sloth

Buttercup. Mateo. Mr. Moo. Velcro. Learn these names because you’re going to be reading them aloud to your kids for quite some time. In fact, you’ll probably want to read A Little Book of Sloth all by yourself because it is so incredibly cute. Filmmaker, photographer, zoologist and founder of the Sloth Appreciation Society Lucy Cooke shares fascinating factoids about these “Jedi masters of the hug” and chronicles their lazy days at the Avarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica in a picture book filled with adorable images of baby sloths. How can you resist?

Best for: New Readers


Man might be dog’s best friend, but balls are definitely a close second.

Author and illustrator Mary Sullivan’s humorous new book, Ball, is about the great lengths one cute little pup goes through to get someone to play fetch with him. Besides the adorable illustrations, what’s wonderful about this book is that young children can read it on their own, as there’s only one word in the entire book: ball.

Red Hat

After a young boy leaves his red-knit hat to dry on a clothesline, a group of curious animals run off with the intriguing item and get into some playful mischief. Written and illustrated by Lita Judge, Red Hat is perfect for kids who are just learning to read.


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