7 Cute Hedgehogs That Will Brighten Your Day

Spiky, cuddly and undeniably cute — we can’t get enough of hedgehogs these days. All they have to do is eat a tiny snack or take a nap to win our hearts! Since we’re so enamored with these prickly creatures, we just had to ask our Facebook fans to share their adorable hedgehog photos with us. And, they did not disappoint! Check out our gallery to meet a hedgehog who loves baths and one that is all about licking people's ears. And, what hedgehog slideshow would be complete without one named for a certain video game character?

Adorable Photos of Hedgehogs From Our Readers

Reggie the hedgehog

It sounds like this prickly guy has a pretty great life. When Reggie's not taking baths and naps (two of his favorite activities), you can find him at his owner's veterinary school classes, where he gets to play with her classmates. 

Gidget the hedgehog poses with Broncos hat

After the Bronco's Super Bowl win, we bet Gidget can't wait for the NFL season to start again in just a few months.

Dolph the hedgehog

This is Dolph. Dolph's nose wins major points for cuteness.

Rusty the hedgehog

There are two things that Rusty can't get enough of: snuggling on his owner's neck and sliding. 

Mr. Sonic the hedgehog

Mr. Sonic is quite a friendly fellow. His favorite activities include exploring the house and climbing up on people's shoulders and licking their ears.

Pretzel the hedgehog

Pretzel is going to be so fresh and so clean after taking a bath in the sink.

Maddox the hedgehog

Vogue! Maddox knows how to strike a pose for the camera.

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