7 Hotels With Adorable Animal Employees

Dingle is one lucky owl: He lives at Ashford Castle, a former Guinness estate in Ireland.

Ashford Castle, County Mayo, Ireland

As if the idea of slumbering in a castle that dates back to 1228 isn’t romantic enough, the folks at Ashford Castle have found a way to up the ante with a little help from their resident Barn Owl, Dingle. How Harry Potter is that? Dingle is not only adorable and wise, but he'll offer his services if you're planning to pop the question by delivering the engagement ring (tied to a string around his neck) to a soon-to-be bride or groom on command. And he won’t fly away with it — they promise!

XV Beacon Hotel, Boston

It’s wicked awesome to bring your own dog to the XV Beacon Hotel, where the pup guests get a “Paws on Arrival” list of pet-friendly establishments and walking paths in the area, as well as a plate of homemade peanut butter treats and a plush doggy bed, complete with turndown service. But if you can't bring along your buddy, you can always play with the canine concierge, Heidi, a Bernese Mountain Dog who greets guests with gusto and is available for playtime on the roof deck.

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, Calif.

If you're visiting the Post Ranch Inn, don’t be surprised if you spot some big birds mingling with the guests. At this cliffside California haven, wild turkeys roam the property, including four males, six females — and their accompanying chicks. The creatures aren’t indigenous to the area — they were introduced (along with chickens) in the 1920s, and somehow managed to get free. (Apparently that era was “roaring” for birds too.) Time your visit if you want to meet them: The turkeys tend to go into hiding in November, just before Thanksgiving. Somehow these gobbles just know.

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