7 Patriotic Pups Who Are Ready for the Fourth of July

It's Independence Day — and we're celebrating our freedom and everything American. Before you light up the grill or head out to catch the fireworks, take a moment to check out these fun photos of patriotic pups. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and, as always, remember to keep your pets safe.

Lux (left) and Barron (right) are proud (and make us proud) to be Americans.

Lux and Barron show off their patriotism
Lux the 2-year-old Rottweiler and Barron the 3-year-old Lab show off their matching star-spangled bows.

With his red, white and blue hat, glasses and lei, Romeo is ready to strut his stuff this Fourth of July.

Dog in red, white and blue.
This American Pit Bull Terrier dresses to impress.

Sydney's patriotism makes us want to sing "The Stars and Stripes Forever."

Sydney the Australian Shepherd carries the flag
Sydney the Australian Shepherd holds an American flag she found on a camping trip.

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