8 Animal-Friendly Countries

Town in Austria

When I first moved to Manhattan, I was amazed at all the places that people brought their dogs. Of course, there are pet-friendly restaurants around, but I’ve seen pets on the subway and in drugstores. I’ve even seen a dog in the movie theater.

New York City is not the only place where people love their pets. Throughout the U.S. you’ll find pet owners taking vacations with their dogs, splurging on extravagant fashion for them and doing everything in their power to pamper them.

That got us thinking: Where else in the world are pets, or animals in general, treated like royalty?

Here’s what we found.


When it comes to overall animal rights, you’d be hard-pressed to find a country with stronger anti-cruelty laws than Austria. For starters, it’s illegal in Austria for pet stores to sell puppies and kittens and for circuses to use lions and tigers. People are also banned from cropping their dogs’ ears and tails and from restraining their dogs with chains, choke collars or invisible electric fences.

The Netherlands

If you’re a hard-core animal lover, you might consider heading over to the pet-friendly Netherlands with your furry friends. In fact, vegetarians are even given discounted health insurance rates here.


While only 59 percent of Canadian households reported having at least one dog or cat as of 2009, with its wide-open spaces and acres upon acres of land, Canada is actually a great place to own a pet, especially an active one. One of the best things about moving from another country to Canada with your pet is that Fluffy won’t have to go into quarantine during the process. (Of course, you’d have to check the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s list to be sure your pet is up-to-date on all of the required vaccinations for entry into the country.)

This article was excerpted from Petside.com.

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