8 of the Cutest Small Dogs on Instagram

When it comes to adorable animals on Instagram, we've shared the cutest giant dog breed puppies, the most delightful hedgehogs and now we're showing you the cutest small dog breeds that you need to follow as soon as possible.

From charming Corgis to darling Boston Terriers, here's proof that the best things really do come in small packages!

Small Dogs You Need to Follow

pug in rain slicker next to sidewalk art
Lulu the Pug

Lulu the Pug digs sidewalk art. We dig her! This precious pup hails from, you guessed it: New York City.

chihuhua sticking her tongue out
Chloe Kardoggian

With more than 100,000 followers, we are not the only ones who think rescue Chihuahua Chloe is adorable. Check her — and all of her antics — out here.

boston terrier
Emmie the Boston

We'd like to think that Emmie, a Boston Terrier, is smiling at us for putting her on this list. You're welcome, Emmie!

havanese in a bandana
Lola the Havanese

Lola the Havanese is just as cute as her pink polka-dot bandana. 

beagle laying in grass
Buster the Beagle

It was love at first sight when we saw Buster, a retired research Beagle on Instagram. And all he had to do was lie there!

corgi dressed in sweater and glasses
Tibby Tibbles

Tibby the Corgi is a triple threat: smart, cute and fashionable!

french bulldog in bow tie
Wilson Nibbler

Wilson Nibbler the Boston is dapper and dashing in his bow tie. And we must say, Wilson Nibbler is a fantastic name.

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