8 Pets Who Know What It Means to Graduate

It's graduation season! In honor of all the hardworking grads out there, we found eight reader-submitted photos of pets who prove that graduation isn't a celebration reserved for humans.

Some may not think graduation is a big deal.

Puppy with a graduation hat
Lincoln, a 5-month-old Lab-German Shepherd mix, is not as impressed with his graduation from puppy training class as his owners are.

The hours of forced smiles…

Three dogs sit for graduation photo
Kassie, Kellen and Keddy, three Miniature Schnauzers, pose for a picture at their graduation from Sit Means Sit, an intense dog training class.

…and the silly hats are really more for the parents and grandparents anyway.

Puppy poses for graduation photo
Nitra, a German Shepherd, proudly graduates from her puppy training class at 4 months.

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