8-Year-Old Raises $1,400 for Shelter Dog's Knee Surgery

When Sarah Culpepper, an 8-year-old who volunteers at a Charleston, S.C., SPCA heard that one of the shelter dogs, a chocolate Lab named Rouge needed an expensive knee surgery, she put her savings in a special jar and started a fundraiser.

"I had a chocolate Lab before andI wanted to help this chocolate Lab," she told WMBF News.

The surgery cost a staggering $3,600 but that didn’t deter the philanthropic young girl. She created fliers and posters and held a fundraiser at a local restaurant. Thanks to her efforts, she raised $1,400.

Sangaree Animal Hospital heard about Culpepper’s fundraiser and offered to do the surgery for only $1,000, which thrilled Culpepper.

“I feel happy because I just saved a dog and I love dogs.”

Rogue should recover from the surgery in about eight weeks, and a foster family has agreed to take him in.

Sarah Culpepper isn’t the only little kid with a big animal-loving heart. Another 8-year-old girl named Olivia Lamons of Oconee County in Georgia, has raised over $350 to pay for heartworm treatments for the cats and dogs at her local animal shelter, reports Online Athens.

Lamons asked family and friends for donations, and knocked on neighborhood doors to raise the money.

These altruistic 8-year-olds deserve two paws up!


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