9 Cute and Patriotic Pet Products

Our July 4th festivities include picnics, parades and fireworks displays — and we'll be taking our pets along with us for as many events as we can. And while we're celebrating America's birthday, our pets will be showing their patriotic side with some cool holiday-themed products. We've found collars, bowls, beds and everything in between, all with a truly American twist.

And don't forget: Never leave pets alone with anything that can be chewed or ingested and carefully check the quality and safety of all pet products, particularly those that are handmade.

Patriotic Pet Products

statue of liberty and uncle sam chew toys

Photo by Harry Barker

Uncle Sam Rope Toy and Statue of Liberty Toy

Your dog may not be able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but he's proud to be an American. Help him show his patriotic side with one of these all-American chew toys. But play it safe and always supervise your dog with toys.

Uncle Sam Rope Toy and Statue of Liberty Toy, $12-$16

red white and blue catnip toys

Photo by Fur Luv

Stars & Stripes Catnip Pillows

Keep your cats busy during the festivities with these adorable stars and stripes catnip pillows. A word of caution, though: Never leave your cat alone with any toy that is small enough to swallow or that has pieces or strings that may be ingested.

Stars & Stripes Catnip Pillows, $12.99 for a set of four

red and blue pet carrier

Photo courtesy of One Kings Lane

Canvas Pet Tote

Transport your dog to your July 4th festivities in style with this red and blue canvas pet tote. Chances are, he'll be comfortable and you'll look great — it's a win for everyone.

Love Thy Beast Canvas Pet Tote, Red/Navy, $135-$149

white dog in sailor outfit

Photo courtesy of puprwear.com

Sailor Boy Dog Tank

July 4th is parade time, and whether you're watching or participating, your pup will be the ultimate Yankee Doodle Dandy wearing this adorable sailor outfit. All the other pets will be sure to salute his festive style.

Sailor Boy Dog Tank, $24.95

red white and blue chevron leash

Photo by Bigpaw Collars

Red, White and Blue Chevron Dog Leash

If you're walking in the 4th of July parade (or just going around the block), this red, white and blue leash will make your holiday stroll a little more festive. Matching collars are also available.

Red, White and Blue Chevron Dog Leash, $27

red and white striped bandana

Photo courtesy of Billy Wolf

"The Momo" Bandana

Made to fit huskier breeds (and also humans), this red and white bandana is stylish and subtle if stars and stripes aren't your thing.

"The Momo" Bandana, $25

red white and blue cat collars with bells

Photo by shopmeowza

Red, White and Blue Gingham Cat Collar

We're pretty sure your cat wants to be in the holiday family photo, too. This cat collar, complete with breakaway buckle and a festive bell, will look great in pictures. Available in blue or red.

Red, White and Blue Gingham Cat Collar, $15

stars dog bed

Photo courtesy of zazzle.com

The Red, White and Blue Dog Bed

Give your dog a comfy place to cozy up during the fireworks with this fun red, white and blue dog bed. Available in small and large.

The Red, White and Blue Dog Bed, $52.95-$73.95

pet dish with american flag

Photo courtesy of zazzle.com

Patriotic Pet Bowl

This customizable patriotic pet bowl is the perfect accent to your pet's cozy holiday space. Fill it with his favorite food and give him a treat he's sure to enjoy on July 4th.

Patriotic Pet Bowl, $29.95

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