9 Dogs Who Don't Want Summer to End

Alas, the dog days of summer are almost behind us. To commemorate the season, we found some great fan-submitted photos of dogs who definitely enjoyed all the warm weather had to offer. These summer-loving pups are sure to make you smile, so take a look and then get out and enjoy some quality sunshine with your own pets.

So Long, Dog Days of Summer

Abraham Lincoln the Labrador Retriever in a pool

Abraham Lincoln, a Labrador Retriever, loves sunny days and cool pools.

Dog with crab on nose.

Making new friends while exploring tide pools at the beach is a favorite pastime for Red the Border Collie.

Dog with beach scene.

Having an adventure with this kind of view makes summer worthwhile for Thomas, a German Shepherd mix.

Dog at lake.

Sweet Lou is one happy Golden Retriever when he gets to spend warm summer days at the lake.

Poodle with girlfriend.

Teddy the Standard Poodle (left) takes his girlfriend on a fun date in the backyard sprinkler and kiddie pool.

Dog at beach with sunglasses.

Charlie, a Silky Terrier-Yorkie mix, sports his cool shades at the beach. We want our own pair!

Dog on float in pool.

Frankie, a Maltese-Yorkie mix, spends his summer days floating in the pool.

Dog enjoying beach.

This Labradoodle-Goldendoodle mix is Cobe, and he loves to spend his summer digging holes in the sand and cooling off in the ocean.

Sophie the Weimaraner wears a lifejacket

Who's ready for a swim? Sophie the Weimaraner can't wait to take a dip in the pool.

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