9 Halloween Costumes for Kids Who Love Animals

Trick or treat! These nine animal costumes are sure to suit little critters of all sorts and sizes. Cute, furry and easy to pull off (just click and buy). What more could you or your little animal want on Halloween?

Animal Costumes for Your Little Critter

child in a giraffe costume

Photo by Pottery Barn Kids

Giraffe Costume

Give littles the chance to stand tall in this giraffe costume. Your child’s smiling face will shine through the tall neck of the garment, especially when her matching candy bag is filled to the brim.

Giraffe costume, available at Pottery Barn Kids for $60.

baby in a purple octopus costume

Photo courtesy of Halloween Express

Octopus Costume

You think your baby is a lot to handle with just two arms? Try giving her eight! That’s just what you’ll get (plus a lot of cuteness) when you dress her in this octopus getup.

Octopus costume, available at Halloween Express for $62.

kid in frog costume

Photo courtesy of Diapers.com

Frog Costume

Help your little one leap into trick-or-treating this holiday season with this adorable frog costume. Flies not included!

Frog costume, available at Diapers.com for $18.

baby in fox costume

Photo by Carter's

Fox Costume

What a fox! Your tot will be even more of a rascal in this critter costume. Make it a family affair and dress up as a hound so you can be the Fox and the Hound.

Fox costume, available at Carter's for $15.

baby in shark costume

Photo courtesy of Toys R Us

Shark Costume

When this shark attacks, there will be nothing but coos and smiles. But beware: The teeth on this costume may not be sharp, but that smell coming from his diaper is truly dangerous.

Shark costume, available at Toys R Us for $35.

child in donkey costume

Photo courtesy of Costume Craze

Donkey Costume

Hee-haw! If you're lucky, the only load this donkey will be carrying come Halloween night is a full bag of candy.

Donkey costume, available at Costume Craze for $26.

child in pony costume

Photo courtesy of BuyCostumes.com

Pony Costume

What little girl doesn't want a pony? This one won't chew up your yard or stomp on your bushes. Yeehaw!

Pony costume, available at BuyCostumes.com for $30.

baby in peacock costume

Photo courtesy of Mr. Costumes

Peacock Costume

Sure, the peacock tail may make it hard to get the baby into the stroller, but just think of the photos you'll have from your Halloween revels! Totally worth it.

Peacock costume, available at MrCostumes.com for $62.

little boy in a bat costume

Photo courtesy of Totally Costumes

Lil Bat Costume

Your little one will go bats for this fun costume. And it's perfect for cooler Halloween weather, too.

Lil bat costume, available at TotallyCostumes.com for $15.


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