9 Valentines That Will Really Drive You Wild

Sure, Valentine's Day is a time for love birds to reconnect, but what about the love whales, bugs and penguins of the world? We've gathered nine of our favorite animal-themed valentines and boxes to show you just how lovable these furry (and sometimes not-so-furry) animals can be.

Valentines That Will Really Drive You Wild

aligator box for kids

Photo courtesy of Oriental Trading

Alligator Treat Boxes

These alligators are sure to chomp any Valentine's Day candy that comes their way. Send your tot to school or day care with one of these to contain all of the love they're sure to get on Feb. 14.

Alligator treat boxes, available at OrientalTrading.com for $4.99 per dozen.

baby animal valentines

Photo courtesy of Wee Society

Wee Valentines

With the free download and instructions, all you have to do to make these valentines is print, cut, glue and send. Choose from Yolanda the yeti, Kate the koala, Riley the raccoon and Biki the buffalo. Or make all four!

Wee valentines, available at WeeSociety.com for free.

Photo courtesy of Dandee Designs

Love Bugs

We love this new take on the classic "love bugs" nickname. All you need to do is gather some plastic insects, download the free template and follow the instructions to create buzz-worthy valentines.

Instructions for love bug valentines available at Dandee-Designs.com for free, plus the cost of insects.

kitten valentine

Photo courtesy of Papyrus

Kitty Card

This kitty is all dressed up with nowhere to go but in the mailbox ... or into the hands of the one you love.

Die-cut kitty with heart, available at Papyrus.com for $6.95 each.

penguin valentine

Photo courtesy of Tiny Prints

Penguin Valentines

Let your little ones waddle their way to eternal best friendship with these penguin valentines.

Penguin valentines, available at TinyPrints.com for $11.40 for 10.

raccoon valentine

Photo courtesy of Minted

Raccoon Valentines

Just like the card says, this little critter will definitely steal your heart and anyone else's you happen to give it to.

Raccoon valentines, available at Minted.com for $44 for 15.

whale valentine

Photo courtesy of Tiny Prints

Whale Valentines

These cards certainly are a whale of a valentine, and they're sure to be a hit with your kids or their friends.

Whale valentines, available at TinyPrints.com for $11.40 for 10.

woodland valentines

Photo courtesy of Cherry Berry Design

Woodland Creature Valentines

Let these small woodland creatures scamper all around on Feb. 14 to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. 

Small woodland animal valentines, available at Cherry Berry Design on Etsy.com for $10 for six.

puppy valentine box

Photo courtesy of OrientalTrading.com

Puppy Valentine Card Holders

Putting these card holders together might be "ruff" (we're only kidding). Get your little pups in on the fun of making these puppy card holders to take to school or give to friends. 

Puppy valentine card holders craft kit, available at OrientalTrading.com for $10.50 for 12.

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