$999 Headphones Bring Out Your Cat's Inner DJ

Felines will no longer have to suffer the indignity of having to listen to Call Me Maybe for the millionth time while their owners sing along off-key. Headphone maker SOL REPUBLIC and electro-house music producer Deadmau5’s kitty Professor Meowingtons, pHd teamed up to come up with the perfect solution — headphones for cats. Really. (Sort of.) “For too long, felines around the world have had to listen to music solely through speakers, or through ill-fitting headphones designed for humans,” Professor Meowingtons said through an interpreter. “My SOL REPUBLIC headphones for cats are the world’s first headphones designed by cats, for cats.”

Initially, we were skeptical about this product but it turns out the headphones are only sort of a joke — they're real and you can buy them for a mere $999. But, only 10 pairs of the headphones were made, so if you want one you better get yourself on their waiting list right this second. And keep in mind, it's all for a good cause — all proceeds go to the ASPCA.

"We believe if music sounds better, it feels better and that our headphones will help improve the lives of cats," SOL Republic CMO Seth Combs told Mashable. And it doesn't hurt that this news is likely to put the brand in the minds of its ultimate target audience — high profile DJs. And if those DJs are also cat lovers, all the better!

Think your feline would like to get her groove on with her own headphones? Buy them at Dave's Wear House in downtown New York, Canine Styles' West Village location, and American Rag on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles.


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