A Dog's Guide to Spring Gardening

Forget asking your kids to help in the garden. Ask your dog instead. He’s a natural at digging, is a pro at scaring off squirrels and loves being outside. It's like he was born with a green thumb — or a green paw. Really, what could go wrong?

Check out these seven tips from our canine horticulturists for a garden that will be the envy of all your neighbors.

1. Make sure you dig really deep to plant those bulbs.

Dog sitting in huge hole he just dug

2. Do most of your gardening on rainy days.

Maci Moo Cow the Golden Retriever-Lab mix in the mud
Maci Moo Cow the Golden Retriever-Lab mix decided this was the perfect spot to lie down after her bath.

3. Sprinklers are smart.

Jack the Blue Heeler mix plays in the sprinkler
Playing in the sprinkler is Jack the Blue Heeler mix's favorite way to cool off on hot days.

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