A Look Back at 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, we're revisiting some of our favorite pieces from the last year, stories that made us laugh and cry and taught us something about our wonderful pets. Here are our 10 favorite Vetstreet posts from this year.

Favorite Posts of 2012

Madeline Pickens and horses

Courtesy of Madeline Pickens

How the One Percent Are Helping Animals

The one percent — those Americans at the very top of the economic scale — got a lot of negative news coverage this year. But not all one percenters are spending their cash on caviar and fast cars; some are donating generously to help animals.

Read about four donors who are making the world a better place for the animals they love: "When the One Percent Make a Big Difference in the Lives of Animals"

Lost Arrow

Courtesy of Dr. Tom Rakow

Dogs Who Take Service in a Different Direction

"Call them mutts on a mission, whether they're assisting in the pulpit or ministering to the sick across America. They’re known as ministry dogs — and their flock is growing."

Read more about these special dogs: "A Decidedly Different Kind of Service Dog: Ministry Pups"

Mother seal and baby


Amazing Animal Mothers

Did you know that elephants spend 22 months pregnant? Or that harp seals go nearly two weeks without eating in order to nurse their babies? Or that ruffed lemurs share child care?

Learn more about these amazing animal mothers (and find out which animal gains 400 pounds during her pregnancy): "Amazing Animal Mothers (And Others Who Will Make You Look Like Mother Teresa)"

Cat show


The Secrets of Show Cats

Cats might seem among the most unlikely animals to accept the rigors of being shown. But with the right training, many, if not most, cats are capable of a lot more than we ask of them, says Dr. Marty Becker.

Find out more about how show cats are bred and trained: "How Do Show Cats Learn to Handle the Stress?"

Kiss and Tell the Bloodhound

Susan LaCroix Hamil

Behind the Scenes With the Dogs of Westminster

What's it like to be a Westminster champion? Kim Campbell Thorton goes behind the scenes with the best of the breeds.

Find out what show dogs do for fun: "The Secret Lives of Westminster Show Dogs"

Pet cemetery


The Right Time to Say Goodbye

The decision to end a pet's life is difficult for everyone involved, including the veterinarian. "After more than 25 years spent practicing veterinary medicine," writes Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, "these conversations have not become easier for me, although I have gained some wisdom surrounding the right time to have them."

Read Dr. Hohenhaus' words of wisdom: "What 25 Years as a Vet Have Taught Me About the Right Time to Say Goodbye"

Vince dressed as a flower

Courtesy of Dr. Patty Khuly

What Would You Do for Your Pets?

We all get a little crazy when it comes to our pets, but how much is too much? Dr. Patty Khuly shares some of the more out-of-the-ordinary things she does for her animals.

Read more about Dr. Khuly's pets: "The Silly Things This Vet Does for Her Pets"

Cat with toy


Sharing Your Home With a Cat

According to Dr. Tony Buffington, "the key to creating a happy, healthy environment for our feline friends (or any species, including ourselves, for that matter) is to accommodate their telos," or purpose in life. So how do you do that for your cat?

Read more about making your cat comfortable at home: "How to Make Your Home a Cat-Friendly Place"

Walking dog in rain


Potty Breaks in Bad Weather

Speaking of pet parenting, potty training is one of our biggest jobs. But what do you do if your dog won't do his business in a downpour?

Trainer Mikkel Becker has some helpful tips for taking Fido out in bad weather: "How Do I Get My Dog to Go Potty in the Rain?"

Cat on RV

Courtesy of Jan Preus

The Things We Do for Love

This year, Caroline Golon shared stories of the extreme ways pet owners expressed their love for their furry babies in her series "The Things We Do for Love." Our favorite piece from 2012 was this one, in which Jan and Charles Preus told the story of buying a Winnebago for their cat, Putter. Now that's devotion.

Read more about Putter's adventures on the road: "The Things We Do for Love: We Bought a Motor Home for Our Cat"

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