A Pet's Guide to Taking the Perfect Selfie

When you smile, it can be cute to show a little tongue.

Senior Dog Selfie
Robin Choate
We bet this 17-year-old dog has had many years of selfie practice!

But not too much.

Chihuahua Selfie
Tracey Roche Zuck
Cute face, Nermin!

Don't worry if the lighting isn't perfect. It's just a selfie, after all!

Selfie Cat
Sharon Musterman
This talented cat took a selfie when she batted the phone that was facing her.

Channel your inner Beyoncé: "I woke up like this." You are flawless.

Lab Mix Selfie
Barb Aker
Bo the 13-year-old Lab mix is handsome and he knows it!

And, finally, remember: Practice makes perfect!

Selfie Pittie
Liz Van Sickle
Derby is a very photogenic 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier.

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