A Vet Shares Why These 5 Patients Hold a Special Place in Her Heart

Cat at Vet
Do veterinarians have favorite clients? Your vet may deny it out of courtesy, but Dr. Patty Khuly says many actually do!

Veterinarians are kind of like parents in that we get to feeling a little squeamish when it comes to picking favorites. Nah… we don't really play that game, we tell ourselves. And yet, when asked point-blank whether I could name a few favorites, some inevitably came to mind. So much for politics.

Truth is, we all have favorites. Those who say they don’t are either inhumanly stoic or have a hard time with the definitions of certain words.

The Top of My List

Here’s my list, complete with rationale behind why they make the grade.

1. Anubis. I have this awesome feline patient, who has the best life ever. His family attends to his every desire. They buy him luxury beds, custom aromatherapy sessions, employ massage therapists and prepare immense smorgasbords to meet his every gustatory whim. He’s so preternaturally spoiled you would think he’d be a jerk. Yet he’s not. He’s Anubis. He’s the king. And he’s awesome.

How do I know this? Any kitty arriving with a urethral obstruction is normally pretty foul tempered. Now, Anubis wasn’t happy (far from it), but he did manage to put a pretty good face on. For days at a time.

I cannot explain this cat’s smooth take on life nor how he’s managed to have such a positive impact on me and everyone else who works with him. Let it suffice to say, however, that Anubis has a special way of looking at things that makes you want to be a cat in your next life.

2. Geordie.After spendinghis entire career in Afghanistan expertly sniffing out IEDs, this big lug of a retired military working dog is now the poster child for thunderstorm phobia.

Why do I adore him? Aside from the fact that he’s survived a full-length military career and thyroid cancer, I can’t help thinking that this mild-mannered Belgian Malinois epitomizes anything I’d ever want in a human or animal companion. All that and brains, too! What’s not to love?

Oh, and he reminds me of my two Malinois girls at home. What can I say? I have an extra-soft spot for Mals.


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