Accessorizing With Animals: Anthropologie Knobs

rabbit knob from anthropologie
Open the door to your creature comforts with a new rabbit knob on your cabinet.

Some folks might cover their walls with animal art and couches with cute kitty cushions, but not you. You like your animal decor to be a little more subtle, a little quirkier. And Anthropologie has just the thing: animal knobs. We love this bronze Rabbit Skedaddle Knob, but must admit that the Fox Skedaddle Knob is rather fetching as well. Beautifully formed and etched, this darling knob is the perfect way to spruce up a lackluster cupboard or bureau, don't you think?

Oh, and that's not all. There are more fox and rabbit options for knobs, hooks and even a door knocker. What a welcoming sight a bunny on the door would be!

Skedaddle Knob, Rabbit, $14 at Anthropologie

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