Addra Gazelle Calf Is Growing Up So Fast

Addra Gazelle Calf
The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

A little addra gazelle calf is already showing off her cuteness at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Sparrow was born on June 9 and weighed 10 pounds. The zoo says she's growing quickly, and is already big enough to be on exhibit with the rest of her herd, including mother Pearl. “Pearl did not show interest in her two prior calves, so we were watching her interactions with this calf very closely,” said Mike McClure, general curator of the zoo. “We are very pleased that Pearl took appropriate interest in this calf and has been raising her behind the scenes."

The addra gazelle (also called the dama gazelle) is native to Africa's Sahara desert region, stretching from Mauritania to Sudan. These animals are critically endangered due to poaching and overhunting for horns and meat, according to the zoo. The addra gazelle is the largest and tallest of the gazelle species, and can run at speeds of up to 45 mph!


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