Adorable Animals Snuggling Together

Animals are seriously cute when they're curled up all on their own, but a case could be made that they are even cuter when they're cozied up with their fellow furry or feathered friends.

Furry and Feathered Friends Cuddling

Pandas cuddling
Playful Panda Love

This picture is beyond cute, but based on the expression of the panda in the front, this hug went a little too long.

Ducklings snuggling
Cuddly Ducklings

This group of ducklings look perfectly content huddling up against each other.

Hairless pets cuddling
Hairless Friends

Proof that there is someone for everyone including this Chinese Crested dog and Sphinx cat.

Sloths snuggling
Sloths Hanging Out

We wonder how many hours this sloth family stayed in this exact snuggling position.

Seals snuggling
Elephant Seals Spooning

What could be better? These elephant seals have sand, sun, and each other.

Ponies snuggling
Ponies Hugging

These ponies are taking time out for a nice little nuzzle.

Piglet and goat snuggling
Unexpected Friends

We're guessing this little pig snuck away from his family to snuggle with this goat. Maybe the other piglets were oinking too loudly?

Monkeys snuggling
These Monkeys Know How to Keep Warm

When we're cold, we put on another layer of clothing. When these monkeys are cold, they just snuggle in with each other.

Baby Hamsters Cuddling
Cutest. Hamsters. Ever!

This trio of hamsters is clearly happiest when they are squished up against each other.

Elephants snuggling

Flickr via Jumpy Jodes

How Elephants Cuddle

You don't have to be lying down to cuddle. Mama elephant shows her love for her calf by keeping her comfortably snuggled under her long legs.

Swans cuddling
Whose Neck Is Whose?

These swans are happily tangled up around each other.

Tigers Snuggling
Tiger Nap Time!

These wild cats don't have any trouble taking a little rest and relaxation together.


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