Adorable Dog Sweaters — for People

Last week everyone in our office fell in love with J.Crew's Frenchie sweater. This week? Sold out (online, at least). But now we're all feeling like we need a cute dog sweater, and fast!

Fortunately, ASOS has a nice selection of adorable doggies, in a variety of styles. Are you a Scottie girl or a Labradoodle lover? Either way, we've got you covered.

Adorable Dog Sweaters

ASOS Labradoodle Sweater


Labradoodle Sweater

We love this sweater because it's cute and clever. It's a drawing of a dog — a Labra-doodle! Get it?! ASOS Labradoodle Sweater, $56.

ASOS Petite Bulldog Sweater


Petite Bulldog Sweater

Couldn't you just smooch that face? We could. And if you're a petite size, you can, too. Bulldogs for everyone! ASOS Petite Exclusive Bulldog Sweater, $53.

Elizabeth Lau for ASOS 'Dog & Bone' Sweater


Dog and Bone Sweater

We love our dogs because they love us, and that makes them the most adorable things in the world. This cute little guy goes equally well with a skirt and heels, or a pair of skinny jeans. Elizabeth Lau for ASOS 'Dog & Bone' Sweater, $132.

ASOS Scottie Sweater Dress


Scottie Sweater Dress

While we're not sure this sweater really qualifies as a dress, we think this Scottie is darling. Pair it with skinny jeans or leggings, at the very least. ASOS Scottie Dog Sweater Dress, $67.

Whistles Dog Sweater


Whistles Dog Sweater

Dog owners pamper their pooches with the finest treats — so how about treating yourself? This cashmere sweater lets you wear your sequined puppy love on your sleeve — or chest. Whistles Dog Sweater, $176.

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