Adorable Rescue Dog Gives Huge Smiles on Command in Viral Video

This sweet guy certainly isn’t camera shy. In a new viral video, a dog who’s available for adoption shows off an impressive trick for his foster mom: He gives big, goofy grins on cue!

In the clip, Amanda Robles, who’s fostering the pup for PAWS Chicago, asks him to “say cheese!” — as she tries harder and harder not to laugh. He delivers every time!

“This little rock star will be up for adoption in about two weeks,” Robles wrote on Facebook Monday. “He's such a sweet boy and always wants to sleep in your lap. Now that he made u laugh, help find him a home!”

And with more than 12 million views, we’re pretty confident this hilarious video will help him find the perfect home, where he can share his smiles all the time.

say cheese

Posted by Amanda Robles on Saturday, January 9, 2016

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