Akron Zoo Welcomes Its First Snow Leopards

Two fluffy, adorable snow leopards have been born at the Akron Zoo in Ohio, a first for the zoo. The zoo’s animal care staff suspected that 4-year-old Shanti was pregnant in March and watched her closely via cameras. The first-time mom gave birth to two male cubs, who weighed in at about 2 pounds each, on May 14. Shanti has been “very attentive to the cubs and has been caring for them on her own,” says the zoo.

The cubs are thriving but won’t be on exhibit until later this summer. Now 6 weeks old, the zoo says the 6-pound babies have opened their eyes and are walking and starting to climb, while cubbing with their mom.

Snow leopards are an endangered species, and there are believed to be about 4,000 of them left in the wild. The species can jump further than any other cat, clearing 40 feet in a single bound.


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