Albino Joey Has Its Own Ugly Duckling Story

Linton Zoo albino red-necked wallaby joey
Linton Zoo

Once affectionately dubbed ALF (for Alien Life Form) by keepers at the U.K.’s Linton Zoo, a rare albino red-necked wallaby has blossomed into a beauty.

Lacking pigment, the joey, whom we caught a glimpse of in Mom’s pouch in March, has all white fur and pink eyes.

Now the baby is almost as big as mom Kylie — but still tries to squeeze into her pouch for some snuggle time.

Red-necked wallabies are usually gray and brown, like Kylie and dad Jason.

The zoo has been flooded with ideas for names, including Snowy, Frosty and Snow Flake. But they haven’t settled on a name yet, so there’s still time to submit yours to the zoo’s Facebook page.

Below, you can see footage of the joey with its mom from March.


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