Amanda Seyfriend's Dog Steals the Spotlight

Epic’s Amanda Seyfried isn’t the only one in her household with acting chops.

Her Australian Shepherd, Finn, is getting ready for his first film, she told Ellen DeGeneres during an interview on Thursday.

“I got him cast in his first movie," Seyfried said. "I can't really talk about his character, but it's going to shoot in September. I'm really excited about it. He's really excited about it."

The proud stage mom admitted that DeGeneres was right when she described her relationship with Finn as “borderline.”

"Oh, yeah. I know," Seyfried confessed. "He's with me right now. He's actually backstage. I really can't go many places without him."

The talk show host showed some of Seyfried’s photos of her and her pup from her own Twitter feed on the big screen behind them, and presented the actress with a gift: a larger-than-life framed photo of Seyfried and Finn by a roaring fire that the actress had tweeted as a joke.


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