American Humane Says Report Clears "A Dog's Purpose"

"A Dog's Purpose" movie poster
Universal Studios

A new report released by American Humane, the group that oversees movie set safety for animals, finds that a disturbing video of a dog being forced into churning water during the filming of “A Dog’s Purpose” was misleadingly edited.

A third-party report by an animal cruelty expert found that safety measures were in place to protect the German Shepherd, Hercules, and that he suffered no lasting ill effects from the incident. The leaked video came out days before the movie’s premiere.

“The video was deliberately edited for the purpose of misleading the public and stoking outrage. In fact, the two scenes shown in the edited video were filmed at different times,” the group said in reporting the findings. The report was based on viewing unedited footage and eyewitness accounts, said American Humane. — Read it at ABC News


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