Animal Control Officer Rappels 100 Feet Down Ravine to Save Puppy

An animal control officer in San Diego rappelled 100 feet down into a ravine Saturday morning to save the life of a stray puppy whose cries could be heard from the cliff above. A bush broke the puppy’s fall about halfway down into the ravine. “[The puppy] clung onto that bush until Officer Gove dropped from the sky to rescue,” said Lt. Loren Bunnell, who took the original call from dispatch. The sweet 10-week-old German Shepherd mix was quite happy to see the officer, Denise Gove, when she reached her on the rocky hillside where she was precariously perched. “She was very much willing to go,” said Gove. The cute puppy was in good shape, aside from some scratches from her fall. It looks like life will be easier for the puppy from here on out: she already has people lined up to adopt her. — Read it the Los Angeles Times


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