Animal Imagery Takes Center Stage at VMAs

MTV's Video Music Awards air tonight, and some leading superstars might end up sharing an award with the animals that appeared in their music video. Drake and Rihanna's Take Care video is up for the coveted Video of the Year award.

Besides the song's human stars, the video features beautiful imagery of three animals: the bull, the blue jay and the Siamese fighting fish. MTV News talked with the San Diego Zoo's Rick Schwartz about the significance of the three species.

The bull commonly represents strength and power, he said, and the presence of the territorial blue jay was no doubt influenced by the baseball mascot of Drake's hometown, Toronto. The Siamese fighting fish — better known as the betta fish — is known for its aggression.

Also up for the award are Wide Awake by Katy Perry, Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye, We Found Love by Rihanna and Bad Girls by M.I.A.


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