Animal Socks Make Keeping Warm Fun


It’s a sock! It’s a puppet! It’s Vs. Socks! This cute and comfy product is a unique twist on kids’ socks, featuring “animal rivals.” The socks are available in two different 3-packs, so your kid can choose from a combo of Dog vs. Cat, Dolphin vs. Fish and Owl vs. Mouse or T-Rex vs. Triceratops, Lion vs. Tiger and Shark vs. Penguin.

Slip them onto your little ones’ feet and watch their imaginations run wild. Plus, you never have to worry about socks missing mates because mixing and matching is part of the fun!

Fitting most kids ages 4 to 8, these cotton socks have a touch of nylon/polyester/spandex stretch in them. They also sport silicon non-skid grips on the bottom because, honestly, who’s going to want to wear shoes when you’re wearing animals on your feet?

Vs. Socks, $14.99 for each pack of 3 pairs.


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