Animals Join You for Tea Time

tea pot with a fox
Credit: Crate and Barrel

With this collection of teapots, we’d be happy to lift our pinky fingers to Crate & Barrel’s 50th anniversary.

The home décor store decided to celebrate by asking 12 artists from around the world to put their stamp on the simple teapots that Crate & Barrel has sold since it first opened its doors in December 1962 — and we noticed that half of them feature some kind of wildlife!

One of the teapots will become available at the start of each month, and they’ll be signed and numbered, with only 200 of each available.

The celebration kicks off on Dec. 1 with the sweet “Sea Journey” design, featuring Helsinki artist Janine Rewell’s rendering of a whimsical seal family.

Our other favorites include one from American artist Elvis Swift featuring a dog on one side and a cat on the other, as well as some with butterflies, birds, a fish — and a fox.

"I loved the idea of creating a character that would make you happy every time you reach for your teapot,” says Washington, D.C.-based artist Andrew Bannecker in his description of his July teapot. “Mr. Fox is also dignified, so he might want to join you for a spot of tea."

Sounds good to us, Mr. Fox!

Anniversary Teapots, $200,


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