Annual Sunnybank Gathering Celebrates Author and His Beloved Collies

The Gathering is one of CHF’s main fund-raisers and one which devoted Collie owners like Oliver and Leathers look forward to each year. The two-day event, which starts on Friday, typically hosts a number of speakers who talk about all things Collie and Terhune. Many events, however, would be of interest to any dog owner. For example, a Canine Good Citizenship certification program is being offered along with a microchipping clinic. There will also be a Rescue Parade for all Collies that have been adopted.

Oliver also points out that while the CHI focuses on raising money to fund veterinary research that benefits herding dogs, many of the projects it has funded ultimately benefit all dogs. For example, her organization, of which she is the president, recently gave a $50,000 grant to the American Kennel Club to help study bloat.

The Gathering will be held at Sunnybank Park on Terhune Drive in Wayne, N.J., Aug. 16–17. The nearby Van Riper-Hopper Historic Museum, also in Wayne, maintains a collection of Terhune memorabilia and will be open during the event. While Terhune’s books are largely out-of-print, many of them can still be obtained on Amazon.

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