Anthropologie Octopus Chandelier for Your Home Under the Sea

colorful octopus chandeliers

Thanks to Disney's Little Mermaid, girls of all ages dream of living under the sea. And now, thanks to this amazing octopus-shaped chandelier, you can do just that — sort of.

Anthropologie's clay and resin fixture turns your dining room — or bedroom or closet or, really, any space that needs a little more aquatic feel to it — into a room fit for a mermaid princess. Suckered tentacles hold candle-style light bulbs designed to cast a romantic undersea glow, while the brilliant color options mimic the shades of a coral reef.

The fixture is available in red, blue and pink and comes with varying tentacle arrangements. We guarantee that this will be a conversation starter at your next dinner party. Most certainly.

Anthropologie Octopus Chandelier, $3,498

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