10 Traits of A-List Veterinary Clients

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One of the things that vets love about being in this animal-loving profession is dealing with others who genuinely love animals too.

Unfortunately, it takes more than just adoration to turn a pet owner into a great client whom any veterinarian would love to call their own.

I know that sounds harsh, but the truth is that I believe any owner with their pet’s best interests at heart is perfectly capable of earning class-A status with their veterinarian. To get them there, some pet owners just need a little help, so they can see things from their vet’s point of view.

With that in mind, here’s my idea of what an A-list client looks like:

1. They Ask Questions

Veterinarians want you to pose questions. Not only does this let us know that you care about your pet’s healthcare, but the content of your questions helps us to understand what you expect from us.

2. They Bring Lists — and Keep Logs

One thing that veterinarians love is an owner who walks in with a written list. Nothing says “my pet matters to me” more than a notepad or a smartphone list. After leaving the vet’s office with a diagnosis and a treatment plan in hand, it’s also a great idea to then keep a log of your pet’s progress. We will absolutely love you for it.

3. They Respect Time

Arrive on time, and let us know if you’re going to be late. If you need to cancel — even at the last minute — just call. Sometimes it’s the common courtesies that count most.

4. They Pay Attention

As with most items on this list, it goes both ways. Vets need to pay attention too. But when you’re on your cell phone, discussing your son’s soccer game or your best friend’s shopping trip, it doesn’t bode well for your pet’s health.

5. They're Honest

When you know that you can’t possibly perform a task at home or afford a treatment option that we may recommend, just say so! Don’t worry — we’ll always forgive you for your “sins” of confusion or inability, as long as you speak up and tell us so. How else are we going to help you and your pets?


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