Aromatherapy: Relaxation or Torment for Pets?

Potpourri Precautions

While we are discussing essential oils, let’s also talk about potpourri. Liquid potpourri should never be used on, or ingested by, your pet. Liquid potpourri (the kind made for simmering pots) is a combination of essential oils and cationic detergents. These detergents are corrosive agents and can cause chemical burns in the mouth and on the skin. Be sure to keep any such burners away from areas that pets can access or climb. If your pet does accidentally come in contact with liquid potpourri, bathe him with hand-safe dishwashing detergent until you can no longer smell the potpourri. If any burns are noted, or you notice that drooling or vomiting occurs, call your veterinarian immediately.

The bottom line is use common sense when dealing with scents in order to keep your pets happy and safe. And, when in doubt, ask your veterinarian.

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