Artist Spotlight: Boygirlparty, Etsy

narwhal pin
They might not make great pets, but narwhals are awesome accessories.

You might have a cute kitty tee in your closet, and maybe you even have some cool dog art hanging in your home. But what about animals that aren't pets, like koala bears and foxes and whales and owls? Showing admiration for these animals requires a little something extra, and you can find just that at this week's obsession, Boygirlparty on Etsy. From the narwhal pin pictured here to dodo bird pocket mirrors, penguin magnets, octopus tee shirts and T-Rex necklaces, we can't seem to find a single thing we don't want. Probably because Susie Ghahremani, the San Diego artist behind the designs, is an animal lover, just like us.

Just in case you're not as enthralled with squirrels and elephants as we are, you should probably know that she also has a number of items featuring good ol' cats and dogs, sometimes even doing fun things like riding bikes and playing guitars. We're pretty sure it doesn't get any better than that.

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